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New layout & editorial design

Publication Date: 10/2019
Pages: 240
Language: EN
ISBN: 978 84 16851 99 7
Price 45,00 EUR
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Page Design pays tribute to the tradition of print editorial design by focusing on its outstanding contemporary value. This volume offers a panorama of contemporary trends and styles through a selection of one hundred projects of different sizes, from flyers and magazines to posters, catalogues and books. The projects featured are defined by their composition, colours, typography and size, and each is a statement of aesthetic and conceptual principles that takes on a special power going beyond the purely visual when placed in readers’ hands. Containing case studies and tips and tricks, this book is full of ideas on page layout, interaction between sections and the optimum way to convey a message. It is a perfect reference work for designers that will rekindle readers’ love of books as objects with an enduring value.
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