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Pages: 160 - Illustrations: 204
Language: EN
ISBN: 978 84 936408 1 1
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Graphics Reloaded is a compilation of  illustrations and graphic motifs that have been reclaimed or recreated from images found and photographed in the street: everyday images of people, road signs, shop front façades, graffitis, stickers, etc. The photographic images are then converted into b/w graphics and motifs, thus acquiring a new richness and meaning through their transformation. This work is composed by three parts: firstly a series of photographs reworked into b/w images, which expose the raw graphic elements, textures, typographic and figurative details uncovered within the urban landscape. The second section contains graphic design compositions and artwork inspired by these images. In the last section we find a clipart resource, which allows designers to create their own artwork using the visual archive of 200 graphic references, also included in the copyright-free CD-ROM in Tiff files.
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