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Drawing and painting techniques

Publication Date: 09/2019
Pages: 127
Language: EN
ISBN: 978 84 16851 82 9
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This richly illustrated new book by Victor Escandell is devoted exclusively to the infinite creative possibilities of drawing and painting in black and white. Traditional and current materials, techniques and applications (Indian ink, pencil, pen, bamboo, water-soluble graphite, different types of felt-tip pens for various supports, grattage) are described clearly so that readers can experiment with what they have learned and develop their creativity with a range of materials. Each chapter deals with a specific technique and contains useful information such as methods used, types of material and illustrated examples, including interesting anecdotes about the origin of the technique, tricks of the trade and references to other classic and contemporary authors. Everything is illustrated with photographs of the final result and images of the process to make sure readers don’t get lost along the way. Different black-and-white mixed techniques are also presented in a specific chapter while the last chapter examines applications beyond paper (textiles, glass, vinyl). Víctor Escandell is also comfortable working with gouache, ink, charcoa, pen and pencil.
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